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In compliance with U.K legislation governing prize draws this competition includes a test of knowledge designed to exclude a significant proportion of the population.
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During which war did the legendary townsfolk of Hartlepool hang a shipwrecked monkey, believing him to be a French spy that wouldn’t talk?

  • A

    Falklands War

  • B

    Napoleonic War

  • C

    English Civil War

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We wish to support Alice House Hospice with our campaign.
75% of our net profit will go to Alice House Hospice.

A Hartlepool charity that offers end of life support and continued assistance to those with life-limiting illnesses and the families of those affected. They have a big role to play in a small town, and I’m sure everyone in the area at least knows someone who has been helped by their support. We understand charities and front-line carers/workers are some of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic and wanted to show our support for the work they do.